it's over.. (Minecraft Hardcore) 

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i can't believe it. 1 and a half years.
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3-Apr, 2021



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TheCraftiest08 31 daqiqa oldin
till the worlds out of sight, we will stand.. and we'll fight; it's not over till it's over
TheCraftiest08 54 daqiqa oldin
11:08 may I ask... what happened to that long lost friend, Trayaurus?
Madoka Higuchi
Madoka Higuchi Soat oldin
2 Minecraft legends: Philza, and DanTDM *got killed by a very small mob*
OofTubeHD Gaming
OofTubeHD Gaming Soat oldin
Make a new seriessss
Rahieeq Giboory
Rahieeq Giboory Soat oldin
i didnt think this day will come
Johan Varughese
Johan Varughese Soat oldin
: ::(::
Wolfie Gang
Wolfie Gang Soat oldin
Ironic isn’t it he died trying to be immortal. lol
Rei Ann Cayetano
Rei Ann Cayetano 3 soat oldin
Im kid
Rei Ann Cayetano
Rei Ann Cayetano 3 soat oldin
I used to watch your vids but you say swear words
First Ranger
First Ranger 4 soat oldin
Whoever disliked is mean and cant feel Dan's pain
xun 4 soat oldin
dantdm the best youtuber 500000× best
Mauro and his mom lol
M V 4 soat oldin
Well at least it wasn't a baby zombie am i rite?
Damian Gleeson
Damian Gleeson 6 soat oldin
I liked the part where he played minecraft
ItsMeEarl 6 soat oldin
I thought he got philza'd
Denicoltiti roblox
Denicoltiti roblox 6 soat oldin
Kayenne Watts
Kayenne Watts 8 soat oldin
At least you got it on camera
Shahn ツ
Shahn ツ 9 soat oldin
man tried making a farm which made him indestructible then died making it
Sara Howes
Sara Howes 9 soat oldin
Ur 29 yrs to me that’s nothing 👁👄👁
J' Vasquez
J' Vasquez 10 soat oldin
Well make another one
Masaru Ch. 英雄的なマサル
All the hardwork :(
Drew Massengale
Drew Massengale 11 soat oldin
You are a great human being that you didn't destroy your PC when you died. :)
Kiikes Wrld
Kiikes Wrld 11 soat oldin
this sucks...
Will Herron
Will Herron 11 soat oldin
Bell as well,............ HE RHYMED!!!
MushroomCraft 11 soat oldin
The music at the end makes it so much sadder
UnlimitedGarbage 11 soat oldin
Drop the ball, watch it fall far below Suck you in, hold your breath The undertow creeps in slow Everyone owns a gun deep inside It's just a matter of how much you let it slide Drop the ball, watch it fall far below Suck you in, hold your breath The undertow creeps in slow Everyone owns a gun deep inside It's just a matter of how much you let it slide Help me help you they wont be there Help me help you they won't see It hurts when you need me And I can't break your fall It hurts when you can't see And it hurts Drop the switch, scratch the itch, watch it grow Inch by inch, the cutting board, watch it swing to and fro Everyone carries one deep inside It's just a matter of how much you let it slide Wash it off, take the loss, let it go Take it in, drink it up, we can just take it slow Everyone carries one deep inside It's just a matter of how much you let it slide Help me help you they wont be there Help me help you they won't see It hurts when you need me And I can't break your fall It hurts when you can't see And it hurts It hurts when you need me And I can't break your fall It hurts when you can't see And it hurts And it hurts when you're lonely And I'm standing right beside you there And it hurt when you told me That you told me that you tried this on your own Hope you never hurt Hope you never cry Hope you never lose your way tonight Hope you never crumble Hope you never fall All things must come to an end
Brian Roth
Brian Roth 12 soat oldin
Dan says i don’t think I told you what I’m making me um you told us in begging of the video
SaveCanada28 12 soat oldin
Why the last minecraft hardcore:)
SaveCanada28 12 soat oldin
I meant :(
Three Eyed Salmon
Three Eyed Salmon 13 soat oldin
Michelle Jordan
Michelle Jordan 13 soat oldin
Can you please make a new Minecraft parkour world please just for the video just for the fun just for the stream just for Minecraft
St.Madras M
St.Madras M 14 soat oldin
:( :( :(
Autumn Morris
Autumn Morris 14 soat oldin
Lynam HQ
Lynam HQ 14 soat oldin
Rip :(
Lukas DeOliveira
Lukas DeOliveira 14 soat oldin
most anoying thing in the world:VEXES
bread is life
bread is life 14 soat oldin
i was always thinking what if dan was in the dream smp
mrjumps13 14 soat oldin
11:07 :(
The Real 8BitNugget
The Real 8BitNugget 14 soat oldin
It was going To happen at some point ):
Ashley San
Ashley San 15 soat oldin
Ashley San
Ashley San 15 soat oldin
Our journey has come to an end
YH VIDS 15 soat oldin
Rasha Rasheed
Rasha Rasheed 15 soat oldin
Omg i feel so bad
Cameron Pender
Cameron Pender 15 soat oldin
Hey u had a good run dude. What you did is nothing to sneeze at. You made millions of people happy by just doing what you love. Good luck man. I cant wait to see you at the top!
Tron Legacy
Tron Legacy 15 soat oldin
its so funny that hes saying illager instead of pillager lol
Mr soy X
Mr soy X 15 soat oldin
Dan you said in the beginning you allmost died 7 times why end it on 8 :( a new journey needs to begin
Apple kid put
Apple kid put 16 soat oldin
Rip dan
Fred66 Gaming
Fred66 Gaming 16 soat oldin
Bruh I have vex’s even more ._.
Leon Duvnjak
Leon Duvnjak 16 soat oldin
Dont be sad dan youl find a beter world
Ronan Beirne
Ronan Beirne 17 soat oldin
i swear i hate vexes for life they have destroyed minecraft
Cooltime E
Cooltime E 17 soat oldin
Eghjkiol 17 soat oldin
haptict 17 soat oldin
Rick Given
Rick Given 17 soat oldin
oh no..............
john blaine
john blaine 18 soat oldin
I know how to respawn in hardcore but only do it if your ok with cheating, click read more if you want to know jus press spectate, pressescape button, open lan, allow cheats then go to survival mode and well your done
Rotten mau mau
Rotten mau mau 18 soat oldin
Hony Dough
Hony Dough 19 soat oldin
L for Dan but where's the video link
Sadness 19 soat oldin
Tony Oropea
Tony Oropea 19 soat oldin
That’s sad but hey he was messing with vexes🤣
Grisel Leon
Grisel Leon 20 soat oldin
rip dan love you
Ameya Animation
Ameya Animation 20 soat oldin
That god dam sad :(
Boom Banana guy
Boom Banana guy 20 soat oldin
Banana 🍌
Kevin Murcia
Kevin Murcia 20 soat oldin
11:09 😭😢
FreezeyFlamey Fury
FreezeyFlamey Fury 20 soat oldin
nooooo rip dude :(
Lulux Gaming
Lulux Gaming 20 soat oldin
Sudhanshu Pendalwar
Sudhanshu Pendalwar 21 soat oldin
so glad it's over, it was getting kinda boring, start a new series now!
Jackitendo Gaming
Jackitendo Gaming 21 soat oldin
Try 20+ monsters🤩🤩🤩
PändåX 21 soat oldin
Remember last time u died in ur hardcore Minecraft world and u manage to get it back And u were still alive welll do the same thing
electrawop 21 soat oldin
Why? :(((((
khaliil g2mer
khaliil g2mer 21 soat oldin
Dragon Killer 467
Dragon Killer 467 21 soat oldin
Oh no you worked so hard NOOOOOOOOO!!!
Sicilian Times
Sicilian Times 22 soat oldin
Black Storm
Black Storm 22 soat oldin
What Is The Music Of Your Death?
David Modesto
David Modesto 22 soat oldin
He pulled a pill
XxBøbå TéaxX
XxBøbå TéaxX 22 soat oldin
"DanTDM was slain by Vex" [Me] : *SMASHES PHONE*
Xavier Larocque
Xavier Larocque 22 soat oldin
Leland Taylor
Leland Taylor 23 soat oldin
Take the L
Crazycatportal88 Random channel
After 2 years- he’s FINALY down, You might be the greatest Minecraft player in history!!
Imperial 14 soat oldin
philza had 5 years i think
BLAZING 23 soat oldin
Nooooo the world was a great journey but everything has an end we had to lose a few friends on the way but it was all worth it in the end
Brendon Urie
Brendon Urie 23 soat oldin
I love the part where Dan says oh my God
Carson Johnson
Carson Johnson 23 soat oldin
Dan.....you had a good run man.....850 mincraft days,you should be pretty proud of yourself...most people cant survive for more than 10 minecraft days....good job
''Adrienxxe, AvaDemon, Mrbeast, Meganplays and more viewers watch this channel'' good. very.VERY.good
Theodore Ball2
Theodore Ball2 Kun oldin
Go in spectator mode than click open to lan and click allow cheats on go to your stuff and do /gamemode survival and you will be revived
DarthMaulDude ‘
M e s a d : c
TheRealPro HD
TheRealPro HD Kun oldin
24:18 Rip
æΩ Kun oldin
Rootbeer raider
Rootbeer raider Kun oldin
Omg nooooooooo.......why!!!!!!!!!!!
LoadedWithGuns Kun oldin
"part of the journey is the end, right?" - Tony Stark
Dylan x/_67h
Dylan x/_67h Kun oldin
minij hooi
minij hooi Kun oldin
it's just sad how he defeated all these powerful bosses just to die to a tiny vex.
plz make another hardcore series plz :(
WilliamGamer 2.0
ᆞ ᴛʜᴇ ꜱᴍᴘ ꜱqᴜᴀᴅ ᆞ
Wait is this where tommyinnit learn “Wet”?
ᆞ ᴛʜᴇ ꜱᴍᴘ ꜱqᴜᴀᴅ ᆞ
@minij hooi ?
minij hooi
minij hooi Kun oldin
Hanzel Hillario
Hanzel Hillario Kun oldin
Moses Huzaimi
Moses Huzaimi Kun oldin
get gud
EVILSANS77 Kun oldin
Eve Kun oldin
marie realeza
marie realeza Kun oldin
Tergel Narankhuu
Fun Facts: Most of the Hardcore runs died with wearing elytra
ya boi
ya boi 46 daqiqa oldin
Yeah because chest plates are the strongest piece of armor
torie warden
torie warden Kun oldin
I am so sorry for you I’ve been watching this for 2 years or one
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